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(vacature) Research Fellow - Argumentation and dialogue framwork

The University of Aberdeen heeft een vacature voor een Research Fellow (h/t Rail).

Meer informatie:
The Scrutable Autonomous Systems (SAsSy) project is an EPSRC funded project with strong ties to industrialists and other academic institutions. The project aims to enhance the scrutability of autonomous systems by presenting the reasoning processes carried out by individual system components in creating a joint plan in such a way that software agents and/or humans can understand the rationale for this plan. These agents or humans should then be able to critique the plan further, by suggesting and justifying alternative courses of actions as needed. In this way, a scrutable autonomous system can allow for both the collaborative generation of a plan, and for its simultaneous verification.

To achieve this goal, the SAsSy project will investigate argumentation and dialogue based approaches to generate, represent and reason about plans, factoring in explicit norms and goals. Argumentation will provide a natural way of explaining the rationale for decisions and their justifications, while dialogue will allow for their incremental generation and modification. However, non-technical users can struggle to understand the logical arguments that emerge from such an approach, and the project will therefore also design and evaluate novel interfaces intended to present the information in a coherent manner to such users. 
The aim of this research fellowship is to contribute to the creation of an argumentation and dialogue framework capable of generating and reasoning about plans, and investigate its properties. Given the tight linkages between this work and that pursued in the other work packages, it is expected that the postholder will cooperate closely with the other research fellows on the project. Furthermore, the postholder will be expected to work with our industrial partners in order to apply the research to specific problem domains.
Sluitingsdatum: 26/05/2012

• More information / job description, University of Aberdeen