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Choosing an argumentative essay topic? 5 Tips for getting a good grade (nobody told you)

Choosing an argumentative essay topic 5 Tips for getting a good grade (nobody told you)
Choosing the right topic for an argumentative essay is almost as important as writing the essay itself. Many books give advise helping you to find the right topic. Unfortunately, the following tips are often forgotten. Yet, these tips can really help you in getting a good grade.

1. Choose a topic that interests your teacher.
If your essay will be assessed by a teacher, it is wise to take his/her interests into account. If he knows nothing about the subject he will be frustrated (more work).

2. Choose a topic in which your teacher is not an expert.
Is your teacher an expert in some topic? Do NOT choose this topic . Research has shown that your grade will be probably be less accurate (unconsciously your teacher demands more).

3. Do not choose that same-old-topic again.
Your teacher has probably read many essays. If he has read about your topic many times then he will probably be not interested (Oh not again about the death penalty). Research shows that this will lower your grade.

4. Choose a subject of your potential.
Again, your teacher has probably read many essays. He probably has read the most interesting essays A teacher expects a topic that resembles his ideas about you (and your possibilities). So ask yourself: is my topic not to easy for me? Your teacher will ask the same question. Live up to your potential (at least, make this impression).

5. Choose a topic that interests your friends.
If you choose a topic that you are not interested in, it will be difficult to write a good essay. Find a topic you like. Ask yourself the following questions:
- What are issues I like to discuss with my friends?
- What irritates my friends (it will also irritate you)?
If your teacher notices that you have spoken on the subject with friends, he will appreciate this.

Good luck!